Blue Jeans

Remember this Levi’s commercial? I remember seeing it when I lived in Germany, mostly in the movie theaters, I think. And I always thought it was odd somehow. Let me ask you. did you ever sit down your bathtub in your pants? Be honest!

I didn’t. But I have a question: do the jeans stay shrunk, or do you have to go through this every time you want to wear them? What about washing? Come to think of it, I met a guy once — I think the boyfriend of a friend of a friend — who stated that he never washed the pair of jeans he wore. Never. Where are we, in the Wild West? So what he was saying was that his junk, balls and all, where swinging and sweating around in his jeans (God, I hope he wore underwear…)? WTF? So maybe he bathed in them and just never took them off… hm…


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