It’s time for Mencken

Mencken was a formidable eater as well as drinker. Bud Johns quotes from “H.L. Mencken – A Portrait from Memory” by Charles Angoff who recalled that Mencken would start his evenings with 4 or 5 beers and a large plate of sauerkraut. Then he’d have half a dozen blutwursts, or several slices of pot roast, or a dozen small sausages, with potatoes, vegetables and bread and butter. No disguising those German genes. Then there’d be more beer, or possibly or wine, along with one or two pieces of cheesecake. After that he’d begin the night’s serious drinking. (via Psycho Gourmet)

I just had to post this quote from Psycho Gourmet, Geoff Nicholson’s very funny and educational food blog. Mencken has been on my to-do reading list for a long time and, believer in synchronicity that I am, the stars seem to point towards finally tackling that particular bullet point on my list.

However, before that I will listen my way through an audio book (yep) that I got for free from — they have these give-away codes with podcasts they sponsor and if you listen to This American Life or WTF Pod you already knew this. So I got the one on astronauts and eating. Sounded like fun. We’ll see. While I love listening to podcasts I’ve never really warmed up to the audio book thing.

Maybe that will change now. Maybe not.


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