Bronson lives in Valhalla

I don’t really have a favorite director and frankly, I don’t pay much attention to who’s directing what, but Nicolas Winding Refn turns out to have made four movies so far that I all liked a lot (The Pusher Trilogy, and Bronson), so chances are that his latest one, Valhalla Rising, will be fucking awesome.

Pusher is so gritty and European that it took my breath away when I watched those movies. All the characters look exactly like the ones I’d see over and over again near my subway station in Germany. All three movies are intense, bleak, and violent, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Bronson is also worth watching, if only for the visuals. The movie doesn’t really follow a straight story line and moves more like one long dream-sequence, but Tom Hardy absolutely kills as Charlie Bronson.

And I keep hearing that I just HAVE to see Inception. By now I’m probably the last person that has not seen it.


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