It’s not over until the fat man runs 2+ miles!

Man, the older I get, the more weight I gain. It’s not like I’m a fat man, but I did develop a little belly over the last couple of years. So I started running and I think I’m actually doing a good job so far. I usually try to run in the early morning, when the humidity is not a killer, yet, and it’s also a little cooler. However, during times of high stress at work I slack off brutally and rather spend the morning drinking coffee and reading than dragging my streets. Like last week. So today I got up in the morning and went for a 2 mile run (don’t laugh, I’m working my way up and it’s better than barely managing to run 1 fucking mile a couple of months ago). I think once I get up to running 5 miles a day I’m good in terms of fatso-prevention.

I posted a little clip of me working out.


4 thoughts on “It’s not over until the fat man runs 2+ miles!

  1. actually, doing 2 miles is very good for you… as long as you do it frequently. say, do two miles almost every morning, and you don’t have to worry about pushing that number up. also do them fast(er).

  2. No, because you can’t do 5 miles everyday without risk of injury at your age. It’s actually better to do a fast 2 miles and then do other exercises so you don’t plateau.

    That’s like saying, if one glass of red wine a day is good for me, then isn’t 8 glasses… wait… never mind….

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