The Fair!

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Oh, the Country Fair! It really doesn’t get more American than this, no? I have never seen that much fried and sweet food, let alone the Onion Blossom, on which Wikipedia has the following to say:

The egg wash and deep frying preparation process of the blooming onion means it can be relatively high in calories. A single blooming onion with dressing has been reported to contain approximately 2,210 calories and 134 grams of fat. A study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found a slightly lower fat content of 116 grams, including a combined 44 grams of saturated and trans fat. When it existed, the similar style Awesome Blossom at Chili’s was ranked “Worst Appetizer in America” by Men’s Health Magazine in 2008 for the unusually high totals of calories and fat, with 2,710 calories, 203 grams (1,827 calories) of fat, 194 grams of carbohydrates, and 6,360 milligrams of sodium, with as much fat as 67 strips of bacon.

Just for your information, I didn’t eat one. Not in my life would I eat one. There was also a demolition derby, a cow beauty pageant, a gun raffle, and, and, and…

However, joking aside, I really enjoyed visiting the fair and I had some ice cream and just wandered around looking at the animals and the craft barns. I like visiting the fair.


One thought on “The Fair!

  1. uh, love the anthropology tag. hey, i’m just glad that you weren’t lying dead in a ditch somewhere. otherwise i might have felt guilty for not calling to check up on you. 🙂

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