Noack's Meat Products, Meriden, 2010It’s funny how smells can transport you all the way back to your childhood. Several months ago The Wife and I finally went all the way up the German butcher shop everybody kept telling us about. The moment I entered the room BAM! I’m four years old again and stepping into the butcher shop in the small village in Bavaria where my grandparents lived. It’s this smell of smoked meat, the sausages – it’s really a smell that means ‘home’, just like root cellar smell also transport me back to my childhood.

The butcher would usually give my one slice of sausage for free and back then I loved a kind of sausage called Gelbwurst, apparently also called the ‘queen of sausages’. I didn’t know that quite possibly I was eating brain sausage. Weird, eh?

Man, I miss German food.


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