I’m not enjoying any of this.

It’s been a rough week here at the eagle nest. First of all, it was so fucking hot. it’s over 36º C felt temperature (that’s 96.8º F for you colonials). And humid. Like 80% humidity. Head warming hot and humid (Man, I must really have been out of my mind. I don’t even know what this sentence is supposed to mean… DGS). It’s so hot, that the surfaces in the house are hot. The toilet seat. The mattress. The floor. Anyone seen ROME (1)? There is a scene where Mark Anthony gets his body shaved by a slave (or cleaned? No idea what’s actually happening in that scene) and you could do the same thing with me. Take a rounded stick and just shave the sweat off of me. It would be buckets full of sweat. I drink a lot but I pee only once a day and, boy, that pee is ANGRY.

And, on top of that, idiots are opening the fire hydrants, which in turn higher the water pressure, which, in fucking turn, loosened sediment in the pipes and tanks so the WATER IS BROWN! And, despite the water authority saying it’s fine to drink (or, the way they put it, it’s ‘the consumers personal choice what to do’) this means I just hope that the water filter works. But no showering for this German.

And then the Germans lost the World Cup.

And what the fuck is this business with the octopus???

This post is also two days late because I can’t sleep and get a little forgetful because of that.

(1) And if you haven’t, shame on you. Here’s a clip to make your mouth water. It’s a good show! (back)


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