Alone Time

The Wife has been gone for about a week now and already my life is deteriorating. The only thing holding it together is that I have to go to work. Other than that, I’m watching Prison Break despite myself and haven’t gone grocery shopping in more than a week, working my way through our pantry and eating chick peas with pepper and butter.

So this weekend is grocery shopping and cleaning time! And thinking time. You know, I really should start to do some shit. Like whittling. Or pottery. Or some other hippie shit. Don’t get me wrong, I like my work (even though the day-to-day stuff is something of a drag) and I wouldn’t mind, once we move away from here, to do something completely different. Like, I don’t know, sell fair trade coffee. Or fancy axes (I mean, this guy is making a ton of money painting axe handles – WTF?). After talking with a friend of mine about this yesterday evening over a beer I think I’m going to sign up for some class at the community art school. Shit, I can’t believe I even wrote this.

I could make batik shirts and sell them to Ariancita, for example.

Or beads. That’s a big thing here in the U ESS AY.

Ehh, fuck it.


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