Karate Chop Zeitgeist

When we think of awesome fight scenes from the Reagan years, we picture guns kicked out of hands, waves of ninjas beaten into submission, and heroes as stoic and meditative as their mullets were long. The karate chop was part of the zeitgeist.

via Why doesn’t the new Karate Kid do karate? – By Erik Sofge – Slate Magazine.

Shit, that it so true! I remember vividly that all that karate and ninja stuff was always part of my conversations with my friends. And, like so many of my generation, I went to karate classes. I think it was actually jiu-jitsu, but I really have now idea. The only think I remember was that the guy who taught the class was a cop with a mullet and the other guy who was running the study had a nose that was flat from being punched that it was level with the rest of this face. And I moved up to the green belt and that was that.

Obviously my friends and I were very much into the martial arts movies. I didn’t really like Karate Kid, because it was pretty tame. More cherished were the Jean-Claude Van Dammes (Bloodsport, anyone? I don’t know how often I watched that movie.) and Michael Dudikovs of the world. All very solid B and C movie material.

I had this one friend, who was slightly overweight but still owned a full ninja suit, including the split-toed boots. What can I say, Steven Segal would’ve eaten that ninja for breakfast. And I remember that for one birthday he had asked for a grappling hook and his parents, eager to please, got him an anchor that must have weighted around 20 pounds. Well, it’s a hook, right? I never went that far with my martial arts nerditude,, but I won’t lie to you, I too lusted after the ninja suit and the swords and all that stuff.

P.S. Looking around on Youtube I notice that apparently Cannon Films had way to much influence on my teenage brain.

Shit, this could go on and on…


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