Heatwaves suck

Man, this climate is definitely not for me. Too fooking hot! Yesterday Wednesday it was +38ºC (that’s 101ºF for you colonials) during the day and about 28ºC (82ºF) at 11 p-fucking-m! I laid in the bed cursing until I feel asleep from exhaustion and dehydration. And in the morning I found my wife sleeping curled up around the fan. Today Yesterday was better, but fuck — I’m not made for this climate. I can deal with the dry heat. If I could choose I’d rather be a piece of jerky than a raisin.

Honestly, I can’t wait for fall and even winter! If you are freezing you can at least layer stuff – I don’t mind wearing 15 sweaters and look like a giant fuzzball. But what to do in the summer? You can’t get more naked than naked! And it’s not like you can walk around outside nekkid, either. Well, technically you can, but we are not in Europe here, right, so I will probably get arrested and they will have an 8-year-old at the station who will point at me and say “That man!” — so; no public nudity for me.

And our car thinks the weather sucks, too. While it still happily retains water in the right passenger door, it decided to gorge itself on its coolant and to overheat. Like, daily. So we’ve dropped it off at the garage and picked it up today and are going to drop it off again for a longer stretch to have the mechanic dude fix it. Surgery.

P.S.: This post is one day late, because I’m a lazy bum.


6 thoughts on “Heatwaves suck

  1. Ach, die Sommer in New Haven sind verdammte heiss! Dem kann ich zustimmen. Ich weiss nicht warum, die Leute da nie die Klimaanlage installieren oder nützen, total krass. Hier regnet es eigentlich täglich, was ich höre ist ziemlich seltsam in Baden, aber es passiert sicher.

    Ich hoffe dass das Auto verheilt ohne Problemen bald ist…

    Alles sonst ist klar bei dir? Ich freue mich darauf, noch mal dorthin zu fahren. Ich komme mit meinem Vater, Luci, und natürlich Princess Crackers ungefahr 15. Aug……..

    • Luci & Crackers! I’m glad to hear that Luci is still around and I hope I get a chance to see your dad again when you guys come up.

  2. sanne and i want to know why you are telling lies. it was max 95 F (35 C?).

    we come to your blog for the troof. not lie-telling. don’t try to trick us!

  3. why is ‘fucking hot’ in quotes? it’s like you don’t really mean it; it’s ironic fucking hot, or fucking hot with a wink. you subconsciously agree with me. tricking people is bad.

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