A couple of days ago I came across this visualization of how Facebook’s privacy options deteriorated (1) and I went like: WTF? And when I saw that the NYT picked the story up last week I thought “Oops, looks like Herr Zuckerman gambled a little too high this time.” And I’m getting a little pissed off about this, too, even though I’m manically checking my privacy settings on Facebook anyway since I joined a couple of years ago, but the new changes essentially mean that I have to purge all information from my profile in order to not be connected to pages and show up in search results the devil knows where. And I think ‘they’ knew that a bunch of people would leave Facebook as a result and just didn’t give a fuck, because every Joe Schmoe and the 60-year-old guy at the corner store and your mother now has a Facebook account and they don’t get the entire internet thing anyway, let alone Facebook’s privacy settings. And I completely agree that one has to be responsible and not put stuff on the internet that one doesn’t want public, but as I understood it (and the reason I joined) the cool thing about Facebook was that it was private, right?

You know, I really liked (yeah, yeah…) Facebook. I liked getting back in touch with people I hadn’t seen in literally 10 years and I liked how easy it is to be part of my friend’s lives without sending 150 emails every other day. But it looks like they’ve gone off the deep end this time. Fuck fuck fuck, what to do? Maybe I get a MySpace profile.

Anyway, WIRED posted a good overview on the changes (2), even though it’s not 100% correct — you can change the privacy settings for each post and have Facebook remember a ‘default’ posting mode — it’s pretty scary. Oh, and censoring emails is totally not okay, (Zucker)man.

Shit, I hope this open-source project works out. Go for it, nerds!

I also figured out how to make footnotes (3)! I’m pretty awesome. I also kept it up with the running, by the way. Like I said: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

(1) That’s ‘improved’ in Facebook-speak.
(2) Thanks for pointing me to this, ariancita!
(3) Hi! I’m a footnote!


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