On bad days I sometimes sit down in front of the internet,  type “epic faceplant AND bike” into Google, only to find myself an hour later looking at cellphone-videos of drunken Russians beating the shit out of each other, which in turn doesn’t make me feel much better about life and also leaves me feeling queasy and a little paranoid. Usually I spend 10 minutes looking at bunnies and kittens afterward to assure myself that everything is okay, the world is a good place, and that it is (reasonably) safe to go outside at all.

However, no matter how bad I feel, a video clip of Darkthrone‘s Nocturno Culto always makes me happy.

(I came across the video before but was too lazy to search for it again, so for what it’s worth the kudos go to the equally lazy of late guys from Metal Inquisition)


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