We went to a liquor shop the other day because my wife wanted to look for some port and the dude who runs the place (it’s kind of a snazzy hoity-toity place, but whatever, they have good stuff) saw me eying the beer. We started chatting and he pointed me towards Gubna by the Oskar Blues Brewery, saying “Man, this stuff is the craziest beer I ever had. It’s $16 for a 4-pack, but you have to try it.” I was feeling somewhat adventurous and was actually on my way back home from a happy hour, so I was game and grabbed my 4 beer cans (!) for $4 a pop and walked over to see how my wife was doing. Then the guy came up to me again with a small glass with some of the Gubna in it and said “Here, try this!” DUDE! This stuff tastes like taking a mouthful of grass and hops and flavored bark and deliciousness!

Anyway, here’s the Beer Advocate’s review, I guess they approve…?


8 thoughts on “Gubna

  1. I am looking forward to drinking this with you.

    Incidentally, Oscar Blues’ brews my favorite IPA (Dale’s Pale Ale) and it is in Lyons, Colorado, about a half-hour drive out from Boulder. A completely awesome vintage pinball-game joint is next-door. I am proud to enjoy a bachelor’s party there in August right before I come back to NHCT πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I actually had to think of you when I saw that the brewery is in Colorado. I’d love to visit that state at some point.

  2. that emoticon looks like a big gummy smile and not a snarky tongue sticking out like it was supposed to be. very counter productive to the point of my comment.

  3. Man, I always write a post and then my wife finds at least two grammatical or typographical errors. I guess I WILL NEVER BE A REAL AMERICAN!!!!

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