Maybe I have an iron deficiency…

Seriously. I’m tired almost all the time and I can’t really put my finger on why that is. God knows it’s not because I’m not drinking enough coffee. So I thought “Dude, maybe you need some iron,” because I remember that I had heard at one point that low iron levels can result in tiredness. And I’m a sucker for all those dietary supplements, hippy-dippy kinda bullshit, so after chatting with my housemate I went and bought some Spirulina, which is also, according to the internet, known as Tecuitlatl, or stone’s excrement, to the Aztecs. Apparently it’s super-healthy, has a shitload of iron & potassium & beta carotene & protein, but can apparently also contain microcystins that can accumulate in your liver and phenylalanine which makes mushrooms grow on your brain. So instead of taking 6 tablets per day as it says on the package I’m only taking four, because I’m also taking vitamin pills and flax seed oil pills that are the size of a Zäpfchen –  I’m always surprised that they go down so easily – because I want the benefits but at the same time I don’t want mushrooms and deposits in my liver and I get cranky by being so paranoid about this shit which points to a deeper issue, I don’t know…

Anyway, so here I am, waiting to be energized by an algae that smells like fish food.

UPDATE: So, yes, yes, Karl, the voice of reason spoke – I should do more exercise. I guess you can call me the-path-of-least-resistance-man. So, inner pig-dog, here I come. Downing a pint glass of water RIGHT NOW!


6 thoughts on “Maybe I have an iron deficiency…

  1. Do you hydrate well? That’s what I’d try first. Second is exercise. You can continue your hippy supplements in the meantime 🙂

    • Ugh, exercise. But you are right I have to start doing that again. I was pretty good at it last summer, but last January I really started slacking off.

  2. are you also getting enough b12? you really can’t get that from vegetarian sources (only analogues which adhere to the intrinsic factor but don’t actually give your body the vitamin it needs) and you don’t eat hardly any red meat.

    drinking coffee when you are suffering fatigue can actually make it worse.

    i suggest actually backing off of the coffee and substituting it for tea, take the spirulina (you will NOT get mushrooms in your brains), take the vitamin with b12, take your flax, and yes, exercise… go out for walks in the evening! or yoga?

    • I think I have to bite the bullet and get out and exercise, because I’ve been taking vitamins for years. I am thinking about going to the Yoga place around the corner here, btw. And it’s not that I can’t stop drinking coffee, I just don’t want to. I could. If I really wanted to. Yes.

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