Tattooed Women *gasp*

Whoops, this one passed me by completely. Even though I had noticed, while scanning my groceries and simultaneously scanning the tabloids, that Sandra Bullock’s husband cheated on her with a, ahem, somewhat trashy kinda porn-starish-looking lady (kinda NSFW) I wasn’t aware that this incident spawned an entire debate about women who are heavily tattooed. Marisa Kakoulas of Needles & Sins posted three (1, 2, 3) blog entries on the topic over the last couple of weeks and the abominable tattooed husband-stealing woman seems to be all over the news. While it surprises me on some level that so many people get all huffy about this (well, I’m not really that surprised) I agree that this also offers a possibility for tattooed women and female tattoo artists to step up and break the stereotypes that surround heavy tattooing – right on! I like tattoos, period, and I think tattoos on woman look great! I’d probably argue about the kind of tattoos I think look good, but that’s more a matter of personal taste than anything else.

At the same time, however, it annoys me that the CBS clip in one of the posts devotes its entire second half to the Suicide Girls website as an example for “empowered tattooed women” – hey, it’s softcore porn with tattooed girls – how’s that different from any other nudy site? I’m sorry, but I do have an issue with that kind of I-do-porn-shots-but-it-is-my-own-decision-look-how-liberated-I-am stuff. Not to open a can of worms here, but I think there is a flaw in that thinking, because in the overall scheme of things it ends up catering to the same ‘male gaze’ that I thought feminism tried (past tense?) to subvert, right?

But hey, I’m an old fart, so that’s, what, 3rd wave feminism and I probably didn’t get the full memo.

Whatever, look, here are at some kittens.


2 thoughts on “Tattooed Women *gasp*

  1. hey, it was about as good a clip as I could imagine being run on tattoos on mainstream tv. And of course when the McGee story broke I noticed a lot of flak getting thrown the way of we tattooed persons. Tina Fey’s comment pissed me offffffffffff. And I had always taken her as a Manowar fan! /jk

    Cool to see Rising Dragon studios on the tube, I got a lot of my work done there! (Sena left there 2 years ago I think)

    I could bitch about SG to no end, I’ll leave that conversation off the net and over a beer.

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