RIP Peter Steele

Who would’ve thought? And heart problems, of all things? I had to chuckle, though, when I read the following in the NY Daily News:

Peter Steele, the frontman for the heavy metal band Type O Negative, has died. After a morning of speculation, the band’s spokesperson confirmed Thursday afternoon that Steele had died Wednesday at age 48.

Looks like it took them a while to make sure, eh? However, while I thought that Type O Negative somewhat declined as a band after October Rust, all of their albums before that are, in my humble opinion, classics. Shit, even the Carnivore stuff was enjoyable. And let’s not forget the spread in Playgirl with Mr. Steele in all his glory, wearing nothing but a CASIO wristwatch (NSFW).

Man, gone is the chance to ever see Type O live – what a pity. Anyway, some videos the jump.


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