Hey, last week was the 20th birthday of Twin Peaks (NPR again)! If I had to pick an all-time favorite TV show, this would be it. The phrase “Who killed Laura Palmer?” is one of the things I remember from when I was a kid, because they were selling these t-shirts all over Berlin at the time. I also remember watching a piece on the TV about people hosting Twin Peaks Parties, which seemed to involve lots of leaves on the floor, the theme playing in an endless loop, and some dressing up.

My wife and I loved the series so much that, when we got married in Seattle, we had thought about spending our honeymoon in The Great Northern! Yes, we are that fucking nerdy. However, our plan didn’t really work out, because the interior and the exterior where two different sites; the former turned out to be a convention hotel and the latter as a ridiculously expensive wellness center called The Salish Lodge. But I did get a chance to stop at the R&R Cafe in North Bend to sample the cherry pie on the way back to Seattle after visiting family in Eastern Washington. It’s not that good. Very sweet. Too sweet for my taste. And we are still on the look-out for little deer-feet gun-holders.

Anyway, because it’s a great show with great music I compiled a little mix tape.


2 thoughts on “Diane…

    • Thanks!

      No you didn’t! Crazy. I’m always surprised by how small the world is.

      Hehe, usually it’s the other way around with industrial bands – the music is great, but other than that there’s not much more going on on stage besides two or three guys standing behind their keyboards/computers. Did they wear gas masks? 😉

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