NPR Interview w/ Frank Meeink

Interesting interview on NPR with an ex-Skinhead who dropped out the movement and wrote a book about it. Reminds me of when I was in school – this was a topic that I wanted to write my MA thesis on, among others. Man, this seems to be so long ago, somehow… I ended up writing on Hawthorne. Yep, classic American Studies topic.

Anyway, here’s a snip from the interview:

I did a lot of national TV shows, like with Ted Koppel and other news organizations, and so I’ve been kind of a face. And it just kind of happened, where someone said, ‘You are the face of our movement.’ I did a TV show. They liked me because basically I looked like a nut, so they wanted me on their other shows, and, you know, swastikas on a young kid’s neck sells TV shows, so now I did a couple shows like that, and I kind of made a name for myself. And then when I [moved] to Illinois, I wasn’t doing much media press, but I was really trying to get this thing started, so I got my own cable access show. … Called it The Reich, like Hitler’s Reich and the Third Reich, and started a talk show about being a skinhead. So everyone got to know me from this talk show and it went on from there. What I’d do to recruit kids from that show — I mean, it was easy — I’d go on, say this is what I’m into, then the media would pick up on it.

Full Interview and audio (ca. 30 min) here.


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