Man, did the last hour of my work-day suck

I’m still all stressed out. So here’s what happened; I went to my last meeting for the day and hopped into the car to drive home afterwards. Ten minutes later – guess where I am: right in the middle of the mother of all traffic jams. All of downtown shut down. The kind of traffic jam where you see the light switch to green and back to red again without any car moving at all. I was jammed in like a cork in a bottle and people here are driving like assholes anyway, so the only difference was that they were doing it in slow-motion. At that point I didn’t really care – I was sitting in the car listening to WTF, I wasn’t hungry, I was dry, everything was fine. Then, under an overpass, steam suddenly came out from under the hood and when I checked the engine thermostat it was off the fucking scales. I checked my cellphone and the battery was so empty that it had shut itself off. I think that was the point when I got really stressed out and imagined myself getting stuck right there with no cellphone to call the auto-guy and all the other drivers getting mad at me while I try to push the car to the sidewalk, but fuck, there isn’t even a sidewalk here and I’m in the middle lane! I guess that was when I started honking.

Yep. I was that guy.

Anyway, I made it home without any problems and it took me 50 minutes (normally it only takes me about 10 minutes, max), which is a long time to be stressed out, popped the hood and saw that the seal of the overflow container was not closed. It is attached to a tube that leads into (or out of, what the fuck do I know) the engine. So I guess that was the problem. I put the seal-thingy back on and checked again after half and hour or so and all the fluid was gone, so I guess I was out of coolant. Now there are two things that could have happened.

  1. When I refilled the coolant a couple of months ago I forgot to put the lid back on and it was so cold here anyway that the engine didn’t complain. Or,
  2. Some asshole managed to pry open the hood of my car, removed the seal-tube-thing, and closed the hood again.

My bets are on theory two. Now I’m waiting for the engine to cool down so I can refill the coolant. Fuck.

I think the coffee I had at 5:45pm didn’t help, either.


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