The Grumpy German: Traveling & lifting my own weight.

I am going on a vacation. The first thing that jumps you into the face butt-first is the newish travel regulation that you have to pay for every checked piece of luggage. WTF? When did that happen? So now we are trying to fit all our stuff into two carry-ons, which would probably work out if we wouldn’t need to pack some fancy stuff for a wedding we are invited to. Try cramming those dress shoes into that little thing and then we’ll talk again. Pfff…

Well, anyway, this also means finally new photos will be taken and some general adventures will happen that are worthwhile writing about (trust me, my day-to-day life right now is extremely uneventful…). After not being to the gym in ages I have started working out again and since I settled / decided on bodyweight training and can do away with the gym and gym fees and stalking to the gym in shitty weather. Yay for that. This is some great stuff and I’ve never seen a training program where one of the options is hitting a tire repeatedly with a sledgehammer. I get totally excited about the olde-timey feel all of this has, but don’t get me wrong, those exercises are brutal. There is a ton of information on the internet so a little searching around will get you a long way. Ross Enamait’s website is a great place to start, as is


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