The internet is somewhat boring, if you think about it.

I’m relatively new to the internet and the first time I had broadband access in my own apartment was about 4 years ago. Before that? ISDN and before that – THE MIGHTY DIAL-UP MODEM! But seriously, the endless stream of ‘stuff’ (because let’s not kid ourselves, that’s what it is) that comes down through the tube is, essentially, pretty much more of the same. Every day. So, little by little, the internet is losing its magic for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love surfing the net and it has changed the ways I access information – and find information – to such an extent that I can’t even imagine being without it! At the same time, though, I’m getting bored with it. Weird, eh?

The last few days were eventful in the sense that I got back in touch with a number of people that I haven’t seen or talked to in, like in one case, more than 10 years. That’s a looong fucking time! And it’s good, in a weird way, and getting into touch with someone like that is frightening, on one level. You have changed and the other person has changed, and will you still get along? Is there bad blood? Will you ‘click’ again? Plus: when these things start to happen you know that you’re definitely beyond the 30-year-threshold.

It’s getting warmer. This means:

  • more opportunities to get mugged on the street
  • all the crazy homeless people are out and about
  • there will be more stories in this blog because of bullet points one and two
  • I will generally be less grumpy because I’m not freezing 24/7 (and I mean 24/7 – I’m wearing a hat in bed)
  • I will also be less grumpy because the sun will make my glands squirt endorphins into my system. Yay.

UPDATE: The Internet is awesome after all. After years of wondering who or what the “chicken man” in the Springsteen song “Atlantic City” is I have finally solved this mystery! The first lines of the song go like this:

Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night
Now, they blew up his house, too
Down on the boardwalk they’re gettin ready for a fight
Gonna see what them racket boys can do

Ahem, I should also add that I’ve always thought that it said “piss house” not “his house” in the second line. Just saying.


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