I’ve had it! I’m moving to the South.

Well, not really. But I’m extremely pissed off by the sub-zero temperatures. And yes, I mean sub-zero Celsius. So what is a freezing little grouch to do? Try to get a little cozy on the inside. And what’s better to make you feel nice and cozy without the help of booze? MUSIC! I’m not the ultimate fan of surf music, but it does the trick. For a heavier jolt of warm island feeling, the hand stops at Tiki Music, or exotica of any kind. One band that is on heavy rotation in my house right now is Don Tiki‘s album Skinny Dipping with Don Tiki – not exactly authentic in terms of when it was made, but it hits the spot right on.

It also reminds me of a guy I once knew, who introduced me to surf bands like The Trashmen. As I said, I never got that much into it that I started collecting, but grabbed a cassette here, a CD there, just enough to fill a lazy summer Sunday afternoon. But seriously, I already know one thing that I will dearly miss in summer: sitting outside my favourite bar, which happens to be a Tiki/Rockabilly bar, in Berlin and drinking beer. Just hanging out. Yet, thanks to Connecticut’s stupid liqour laws that won’t happen too quickly again here, as far as I can tell. So yes, I’m a little bit homesick.

Anyway. So I had a some time to kill yesteday evening and finally got around to listen to Charlie Manson’s One Mind album, which he released for free a couple of months ago under a creative commons license. Well, actually, I didn’t really listen to it, because, frankly, it’s not that amazing. I did, however, snooped around on YouTube for some Manson-related stuff and the interviews over the years are worth a look. It seems like everybody at one point interviewed Manson – next on my list is the Charlie Rose Interview with Manson. However, I have to admit that I never really got behind the Manson craze / fascination, even though I’ve read Helter Skelter a couple of years ago. I think I also read Ed Sanders’ book on the Manson Family, but that was really a long time ago.

Man, I’m already writing on and off on the post for a week now, so I’ll just hit the ‘publish’ button be done with it.


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