Sick Sick Six

I’ve just recovered from my yearly big fucking disease (aka heavy cold) and, as every year, it sucked big time. Although there’s one thing that doesn’t necessarily better, but definitely sweeter – cough syrup! The first time I was in the US, years ago, I was right in the middle of my bout of disease and randomly choose a bottle of NyQuil in the pharmacy. That’s some pretty sweet stuff, I think I’ve never slept so soundly when I was sick. Of course, it can also cause severe liver damage and generally messes up your body, but for a four to five days cold attack it the best thing. I’m not so sure whether this stuff really helps, though. Some of my housemates suggested that it merely removes the symptoms (which it does) but at the same time prolongs the illness. I don’t know whether this is true, but I do believe that one could believe that one is doing okay and start running around town with tonsils and throat searing read, orphaned nerve-endings screaming for help. Or at least a warm bed and a cup of hot lemon w/ ginger. Just saying.

Be that as it may, I’m doing well again and rejoice in today being the first fucking day the temperature went above freezing. I’m also back on my trip down memory lane, which was especially helped by unearthing some of my favourite music from way way back. It seems like a good rule of thumb that bands that were around 15 years ago and still are around now – well, they must do something right. Right? Plus, you also come around stuff where you just scratch your head and wonder why you haven’t discovered that band earlier. Like Hawkwind. As of a couple of days: me = big fan.


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