You know, I think this is dog food

This weekend I finally got around to visit the Farmer’s Market. Yep, took me more than a year, but here I am. And as far as Farmer’s Markets got, this one is quite good. It even makes me ogle that lamb recipe I have sitting in one of my cookbooks waiting to be tried out. However, there are also some fancy booths that sell what, at a first glance, looks like pastry. And cookies. I wasn’t really interested, but then a friend walked up to me holding a bag of beef jerky and said: “Hey, look at what I got!”

I love jerky, so I asked him where he got it and I bought a bag. Surprisingly cheap, too, cost me about $3. I was walking back to my friend, examining my purchase, when I saw that it was, well, beef jerky for dogs. No joke. But as I’d already started eating it I just went ahead. It was one of those gourmet pet food booths, so I don’t think it will do something weird to me, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, we also got a bunch of oysters and grilled them tonight and ate them with a lemon-butter-pepper sauce. Yummy. I’d never thought I’d get into oysters and I have to admit that I always have to force myself to eat them, but hell, they’re worth it. Plus, they’re local!


2 thoughts on “You know, I think this is dog food

  1. Lucky you! Ours is pretty neat, but it’s a deathmarch away and I always have to kick myself into going there. However, they do have incredibly neat stuff, lots of heirloom tomatoes and peppers. Oh, and dog food, of course.

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