I’m not into the wine & cheese, dude, but could I have a beer?

I’m a beer man. There, I said it. No wine and cheese for me. And the funny thing is, that here in the US w&c seems to be a really big thing in terms of class distinction. The brutes can have the beer, we go for something that is 1) foreign (French, actually, a people who are also known to gobble froglegs and snails) and 2) an acquired taste that in the case of some cheeses includes a superhuman supression of the gag reflex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against cheese and I’m also not against wine. They’re just not my cup of tea, although I really like the hard cheeses. Thing is, though, that on the continent these things are pretty affordable and nothing fancy. Also, we don’t pasteurize our cheese-milk, so I guess there isn’t the same mystique about it as it is in oh-God-everything-has-to-be-pasteurized US. So…

But yeah, I like beer. The beers in Germany are, ahem, pretty damn good, I’m afraid, and while I got used to the taste of American beer – guys, you still have a lot to learn, that’s all I’m saying on this subject. However, I discovered Root Beer – totally, extremely delicious. I’m talking cane sugar, baby! To give you an idea of the variety of different root beers, try Anthony’s Root Beer Barrel. It’s one of those acquired tastes, just like snails, but it’s definitely worth it. So, tonight, I had myself a root beer, tried to bake a cake, used the wrong kind of wax paper (don’t ask) and still kinda finished the cake and, despite one major mistake, am happy that the result is eatable.



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