Did he really say "most best"?

So we had a tropical storm here yesterday night, which made me happy (despite the discovery of a leaking roof) because it really cooled this place down a lot. The housemate says, though, that this won’t last and we will be sweating our butts of again in no time, but for now I’m just enjoying the breeze. The amount of rain was crazy, though – torrential! It was kinda scary.

And despite the storm we went to a house-warming party of a German woman who managed to find an apartment right in the middle of the ghetto. It turned out to be fun, though, but I was surprised by the amount of hard liquor and lack of beer. I was offered a Jack & Coke and kept that glass for the entire evening, because I’m really not big on drinking and definitely not big on the hard stuff. And I haven’t had Coke and whiskey since I was sixteen-years-old and it was weird to taste it again. However, we had fun and the people were nice and the house is indeed very beautiful. One of the neighbors came over and rapped about dating women over the internet and jerking off. And it was a long rap – is this what you call it? Oh, and he also thought something – I don’t remember what it was – would be the ‘most best’ thing ever. Now, I’m a foreigner, but even I know that doesn’t really work. But enough of that.


As some of you might remember, one of my short- to intermediate goals is to plant a garden or at least start growing some of my own food. This is turning out to be a little more complicated here than I thought it would be, which is partly due to our landlady’s restrictions and a manic lawnmowerman who apparently can’t tell the difference between a rose bush and weeds and mows over both of them without a second thought. Now, this can be circumvented by using pots, right, but this town being what it is it is insanely difficult to get these things without a car. Yep, you guessed right: Car? I don’t haz it. So I have to figure out a way to get around this. There is also a patch right next to the porch that could be used, but it is insanely dry and gets way too much sun (I think) so the first steps would involve soil improvement, maybe using mulch and woodchips. Again, a logistical problem. I’ll keep you updated how that project will develop, maybe I’ll end up ordering this stuff, which is not my first choice, but…well, what can you do? In the meantime, I’m reading this book on gardening by Steven Solomon and see what I can come up with.


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