After the Shlep II

After the shlep is before the shlep, as they say, but believe me, I’ve just about had it with moving stuff around, popping hernias, and sending my disks flying around the room like gristle-shuriken. Seriously. However, finally I’m done and the next move might be in store for me in about two years, so hey – I’m a lucky guy.

Moving back to the US was a big decision, but I don’t think I’ll regret it. Where else can you see big people tumbling down the stairs, eh? Also, I spend some weeks in Seattle before returning to the East Coast and that visit set the long-term goal: moving to the West Coast! Slowly but surely, one state at the time. 😉

On other fronts, I’ve discovered pulp, or kinda pulpy, crime novels, but favourite at the moment are the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. They are thoroughly addictive and when you can handle one or two lapses in internal logic they are a great read. My significant other eats them up within a day, reading non-stop – even I was impressed. Another thing I’ve learned was that owning a car here lifts your standart of living considerably. You can actually visit places! I live in a place where a simple five-minute trip to, say, IKEA, turns into a 4 hour ordeal (incredibly shitty and/or non-existent public transport) without a car.

Hmm, what else? I haven’t written in a while and all the fun things that happened and that I wanted to write about are now gone somewhere in the grey sludge within my skull…

…but don’t worry – I will update more regularly. There were some big personal events happening in the last few weeks that had to be taken care of and essentially I had to channel all my energy into those. Not much time for playing around, no sir. But things are calming down now and returning to normal. Yay!

Oh, and do watch the new Batman movie!

PS: Did I mention that it is so incredibly hot here that I’m literally sweating my weight away?


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