After the big shlep

The last few weeks were horrible. I’ve been moving from one continent to another and had to basically get rid of most of my stuff. You would not believe just how much junk can be in one apartment! It was sooo much. However, I’m finally done, finished the move, and all I got to do now is wait until the packages arrive and unpack them.

Also, I have been really quiet and one reason for this is that there was just not that much happening. Nada. Now, over here, that’s a different story. For starters, on my very first day I saw a really big lady tumbling down an escalator in front of me. It was freakish, because it was so slow and just when you thought she got stabilized again she continued to tumble in slo-mo. Now, an escalator is basically a never-ending staircase, so this could’ve gone on forever if somebody hadn’t pushed the “Stop” button. I tried to help her up, but as I said, she was really big…

Another one of my first impression was the winner of the 2007 innovation award: Betty Beauty – for the hair down there. I kid you not and I leave it up to you whether this is really something you should spend money on OR even consider doing. My hair down there stays like it is, thank you very much.


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