World Press Photo 08 and Hearos

I went to the World Press Photo 2008 exhibit today. It’s really worth visiting. However, the website has way more info and background than the exhibit had, so it is well worth your while checking out the website first. They way it was set up at the museum was disappointing, just some moveable walls/whiteboards with the photos attached. Lame. The second part on floor up was neat, except for this one woman who farted while I was standing next to her reading the information sheet, which was extremely gross.

As some might know, I live in a backyard apartment where it’s dark and freezing until it is 30+ºC outside – as it is now – and it turns cozy. What’s annoying me more now, however, is that the neighbor’s kids are outside in the backyard everyday now. That is in and of itself not a bad thing, but they are loud. And I mean REALLY loud. Around noon I work against a backdrop of noise that is just eating away at my nerves. I know, I could work in a cafe or something and I tried that but it didn’t work, mostly for the same reasons – too much noise. Now I tend to use Hearos (what a stupid name, btw) to block out the noise and it helps. Still, it is annoying me. Yesterday some kid was whining about something he wanted from his dad and whined “Daadyyyy! Daaadyyyy!” for more than fifteen minutes. Do you remember the grumpy neighbor that was screaming out of his window when you played too loud in the street or in the yard when you were a kid? I think I was never closer to becoming ‘that guy’ than on that particular day. 

Mentioning those earplugs made me go to the website. Hm, seems like there are “Women’s Ear Plugs” called “Sleep Pretty in Pink” – who knew! Make sure to watch the trailer. And the instructional video.


One thought on “World Press Photo 08 and Hearos

  1. O, Bearded Dave, those earplugs! That come in a “cute” little package “that looks like a purse” – I can’t believe the woman in the ad says that! And “it’s definitely your color” as the last line!

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