The Blair Witch Project; Me? Not scared.

So I watched the Blair Witch Project the other night. Re-watched it, actually, as I had seen it when in came out, what, 1999? I didn’t get the buzz back then, which was probably due to the lack of an internet connection which spared me the hype (see the official website here) that built up before the movie came out, and I still don’t really get it now. I remember sitting in the cinema being a) not really scared and b) kinda bored. Guess what, the film didn’t age well. The improvised ‘acting’ is annoying and feels staged and it just didn’t seem to be well done. Don’t remember seeing any of the actors again…wait, let me check imdb…nope, nothing. So much for that career in acting, I guess. And I slept damn well that night. 

Actually, I didn’t because somebody in my building apparently seems to have a colicky baby that likes to scream. A lot. In the death of the night, say, 2am – 4am. That scares me much more than the Blair Witch, believe me.  


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