Changing the speed and head to the Red Room

After realizing that I spend way too much time on the internet at the moment when I should definitely do other things I have to change the way I go about this. So I’ll try too keep away from the things that suck up the majority of my time (hello Friendfeed!) and spent the free time to be more productive. Yep. The point is that I felt as if I’m getting more and more into this weird state where I sit at my desk not getting any work done while at the same time neglecting a bunch of other things because I have to stay at my desk to do my work! Get my drift here? Well, the result of this is slowly mounting frustration. Nobody likes that. Least of all yours truly. And guess what? After starting my new regimen as of TODAY I got way more done than in the last ten days or so. Looks like we have a winner! 

I spend the weekend walking around a little having my brain cooked by the searing sun only to discover that there is a new CD out with the soundtrack of Twin Peaks Season 2. Damn right I’m a fanboy and damn right I’ve ordered it! 


3 thoughts on “Changing the speed and head to the Red Room

  1. Wow, sounds like you really got things under control! I am also bad at managing my time if it’s unrestricted. I’m actually glad it’s being structured from the outside right now, even if the weather IS beautiful!

  2. @Leslie: Thanks! And you know what one of the best points is? The CD has the eery “Blue Frank” track from the bar, a song that I’ve been looking for since I saw the series for the first time! I agree, Twin Peaks is amazing. They don’t make them like that anymore. 😉

    @Bunny: Totally, it’s hard when you have a deadline that is months away. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. The weather is great here, too, but searing hot.

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