On wasting a lot of time

Now, up to about two weeks ago I handled the time-dump known as the internet really well. Up to the point I started looking at Friendfeed, that is. I have to admit that I was really impressed by the way the news from the earthquake in China hit the internet via Twitter minutes before major news sites picked it up. It was freakish, seeing the news of the quake almost in real time on Friendfeed and checking CNN or the New York Times website and not finding any info. Granted, there is a lot of noise on FF and it is bound to increase as more and more people sign up, but I do enjoy spending a few minutes checking on new items and I just love the way flickr feeds into it. I think I’ve discovered way more interesting photographers on flickr via FF than on flickr’s site itself. All in all it is pretty neat and feel free to follow me on FF (or @TheGrumpyGerman), if you are so inclined, that is. 

Speaking of flickr, yeah yeah yeah, I know, I ranted and complained about it and now I crawled back into its lap like a beaten dog to its owner. You know the reason? There is just much more interaction going on on flickr than on SmugMug. SmugMug gives you stats, but you have no idea who looked at your photos and it is really difficult (or unintuitive) to discover other people. Don’t get me wrong, SmugMug is great, it just feels like an isolated island while flickr feels like sitting on a stone in a really fast river and things are flashing by left and right and you can barely keep up with it. Hm, that’s a weird image, but aptly describes how I feel about the two services.  

On the front known as ‘life’ I had a guy sieg-heiling me in the subway for no known reason. Then he tried to hit on a chick. As you can imagine, that didn’t work out so well. With the blossoming of weeds and leaves and flowers my allergies also blossomed. They are so bad that I have to take pills to keep me from scraping my eyeballs out, something I didn’t have to in the last few years. 


2 thoughts on “On wasting a lot of time

  1. Hmmm. That incident with the weird guy is a surprise. I once sat across from a neo-nazi with tattoos like “blut und erde” (blood and soil, for the non-german speakers) in blackletter all over him. being a petite but noticeably queer woman, i felt extremely nervous, even though it was the middle of the afternoon. do you think the guy was a nazi or just a jerk?

  2. I’m not sure, I think he was one of those persons who ‘turn’ into Nazis when they get drunk or high – which basically says that he was a jerk. He was high on something, you could just sense that he was completely out of it. Young guy, too, maybe sixteen, seventeen years old. I think he only wanted to be provocative and was looking for trouble. Sorry to hear about your experience. Those guys can be scary.

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