Where do all these people come from?!

So it’s sunny, alright, and I wanted to go out and sit in the sun and do some work. This is one of the things I hate about this city: it’s too crowded. All the green spaces are just PACKED with people and this is, frankly, annoying the shit out of me. It’s like Grand Central Station. Seriously. 

And the other thing is, that it seems like they’ve imported and opened a box of entirely new people during the dark and cold and lonely winter months. The boxes were opened one week ago. You know the type: skinny jeans, ill-fitting and/or tasteless wardrobe, big sunglasses, etc. What’s really freaking me out is how old these people are! I mean, three years, give or take two more, ago this was non-existent. Nada. Call me conservative, but I believe there is one period in your life when you search around, pick out a subculture, and more or less stick with it on some level. It’s called puberty. You don’t turn into a Ramones look-alike when you are thirty, if you get my drift. Especially not if suddenly the your entire age bracket decides to do so and WASN’T EVEN AROUND WHEN THE RAMONES OR STUDIO 54 WAS HIP!!! Of course I’m not saying that you can’t discover and listen to the Ramones whenever you stumble upon them, but who in his right mind decides when he is thirty to suddenly imitate them?! This is the stuff teenagers do, not adults. And what if they actually had been Ramones fans since pre-school?; well, THEN THEY WOULDN’T LOOK AS HEALTHY WHEN THEY TURNED THIRTY, WOULD THEY!?

Pfff, sorry about the somewhat incoherent ranting and shouting, but I really had to get this off my chest. I guess I’m just annoyed at not getting a place in the sun today.

I guess what I’m saying is: we need more TECHNOVIKINGS!


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