Two Star Wars clips

So okay, I grew up on Star Wars. Who hasn’t in my generation? Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the A-Team. Oh, and MacGyver, of course. So these two clips just touch a spot. You’ll know what I mean. The first one is from the great Eddie Izzard, the second one is a German dubbed version that is just hilarious. Enjoy!

PS: While checking for “MacGyver” I came across a wikipedia page that lists all the problems solved in all, repeat ALL, episodes. So how is this for a starter:

With an old, bullet-ridden Jeep his only means of escape, MacGyver must patch up the Jeep’s radiator to get it working again. Remarkably, he does the job with nothing but water and egg whites. First he dumps some water in the radiator and jump-starts the Jeep, causing the water to heat up. A few minutes later, he dumps in the egg whites, which the water cooks. Once cooked, the egg whites naturally plug the holes in the radiator, making the Jeep temporarily usable.



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