Another sign of life – I know this is becoming ridiculous

Still no internet. Nada. Sometimes I can schmarotz on an open WiFi called ‘default,’ which gives me about one little dot on my airport scale. Just enough to get my mails and that’s it. We wrote to the internet people several times and now they don’t even answer our mails anymore. Anyway…

It got winter and it sometimes snowing, sometimes sleeting, and sometimes raining, like it is at the moment. I developed a fondness for hot chocolate, because I got sick of the coffee in the cafe I’m doing my mails in (don’t get me wrong, it is amazing) and I spend a ridiculous amount of time at work. On the bright side (?) I signed up for my orals, so the machine is gearing up. Oh, and I became addicted to ‘24‘ – again. I really liked season one and two, although Kim Bauer annoyed me to an almost surreal extent. And, the greatest thing of all, my vacation starts on Friday and I’ll make the schlepp over the Atlantic and stay two weeks with my significant other! Yay!


So, again, this is to let you know that this blog is not defunct, but is experiencing some major technical difficulties. It will be back at full force as soon as we get the internet working again. Stay tuned and take care!


One thought on “Another sign of life – I know this is becoming ridiculous

  1. Yeah, still no proper own internet. But WLAN is back during the weekdays. The anonymous, unintelligible God of Internet Access is grand and I do praise her.



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