Still off the grid

But not voluntarily. I still don’t have any internet and the café were I go to check my mails and try to go through my internet To-Do list everyday turned out not to have internet, either. Or, more precisely, it doesn’t have internet for yours truly. For some reason, there is a technical malfunction taking place in my laptop that makes it impossible for me to access the WiFi, even though the people next to me can. Is this the slow and sneaky revenge of the machines? Maybe.

Anyway, it got freezing cold in Berlin and sitting at my desk I can watch a tree rapidly defoliating, which is somewhat depressing. It didn’t even bother to got through the nice autumn colors, but went straight to ‘dead’. Due to the shorter days my apartment got pretty gloomy, too, the kind of apartment were your kids will grow up with weird bone diseases, like in the 1930s. But these are the outsides, on the inside I’m doing fine. I’m bummed out about being here again, of course, but I’m up to my neck with work, which isn’t necessarily fun, but it keeps me from sitting around staring holes into the walls. I’d love to update this blog more often, but before I have some kind of regular internet access again, this won’t be likely. It should take another two weeks until we get a it re-installed, so hang tight!



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