Bleh – internet kaputt!

Yup. That’s the reason for the sudden silence on these pages; my internet is gone. I was using an open wireless network that expanded into my apartment, but last week it simply went ‘poof’ – never to be seen again. So now I have to go downstairs to the cafe and sit there just like all the other geeks of the so-called ‘digital boheme’ (yuck) and check my mails, do my work, and drink the mandatory coffee. Besides that, I was sick, or better, I am still sick but the sickness got stuck somewhere inside me and refuses to come out! I had a sore throat for a few days, then a headache, than general discomfort, all enveloped in general tiredness and ‘ague’.

The wetter got better, but my apartment is freezing cold and I have to use the heating already, which causes me continually to misjudge the temperature outside (and I can’t check it because of ‘see above’) and am way too overdressed and sweating after ten minutes outside. That, in turn, doesn’t help with the reluctant cold/flu/whatever diseases I carry around with me… you see, this is a vicious circle! I can’t get out!!!

Anyway, I will try to post, but I’m afraid it will be a lot less frequent in the next 2-3 weeks, because that’s as long as it will take for the internet people to get our own internet up and running. And, frankly, sitting in a cafe browsing the internet is kinda… I don’t know… I usually do this stuff on the side, but this involves packing my stuff, getting fully dressed (don’t ask) and haul my butt and gear downstairs and down the block, ordering coffee, and sitting basically on the street. No sir! Don’t despair, the bearded goodness will be back in due time, namely 2-3 weeks, and if I can manage there will be the occasional goodie in the meantime.

And while waiting, do yourself a favor and try to get your hands on Deadwood (official site here)! I’m all hooked! While I wasn’t really impressed in the beginning, the series has really grown on me, so; two thumbs up!

UPDATE: Salon has a lengthy interview with the creator of Deadwood, David Milch, who used to be a Yale professor, by the way. He had to change occupations because…well, see for yourselves:

What fueled your move from academics to television?

Well, my now-wife and I wanted to get married and have a family and I wasn’t making any dough teaching, and of course what I was making, I was using to buy drugs. She was getting a little tired of me selling her clothes and furniture.

That’s a common problem among Yale professors.

Yes, we decided we would take a different approach.

Still worried about not getting into Yale?


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