So a bird shat on my head…

How’s that for starters? I sat on a bench in a Biergarten, minding my own business, when this little sucker pooped on my head. Now, knowing that birds have only one orifice that takes care of pooping, peeing, and, yes, sweet-loving, doesn’t make this better.

Anyhow. What else? Today was incredibly hot and I had to change my clothing as soon as I got home around noon. I went to the university and chatted with some library workers, making an off-hand remark on a balding person that hangs around the library a lot. Of course, after I was finished chatting I walked around the corner and guess who’s sitting there. Almost exactly the same thing happened a few hours later when I paid a visit to the Human Resources office the take care of some things pertaining my return. I talked to the office person and mentioned a phone-call I got a year ago, having to do with my payment, which had been erroneously transferred to my account, then back again, etc.etc.etc…. The person on the phone back then seemed completely disorganized and slightly nuts, so I got somewhat confused by selfsame call and mentioned it yesterday. Apparently, the person who made the call last year sat in the same office and said: “Well, I might sound confused sometimes but I’m not.” Yep. Two mishaps in a day, how’s that?

On the bright side, I bought some new earrings, nice ø4mm one’s, which were a major pain to close, but a pleasure to behold. I discovered some of my old jewelry and put it on and thought, ‘Hmmm, why don’t get some nice rings that actually fit…‘ Here’s the thing: I used to wear earrings since I was fourteen years old or so and wore ø1cm tunnels for two years until I took everything out about three years ago. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing any jewelry back then, but I guess I’m getting into it again. Naturally, my holes have shrunk to ø4mm now, but hey, I’m not complaining. I don’t want to look like that guy, that’s for sure. Anyway, as soon as I started looking around saw sooo many things I’d like, but usually they are to big and/or too expensive. And, frankly, I’m still not sure whether I’d want to indulge in a ear-lobe-stretching extravaganza…


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