Joe Coleman Exhibition – UPDATE and some fun at the fair (and some weird noises)

As I wrote in an earlier post, I was really looking forward to seeing Joe Coleman‘s exhibition at the Kunstwerke in Berlin, Germany. Well, I finally got around going there and I hate to admit that it was somewhat of a bummer. They had a ton of stuff there, three floors of paintings, spanning almost 25 years. But, as he said in one picture-description, he hates humanity and wants to show how evil humanity is. Well, that might be an interesting approach, but after, what, 50 paintings on more or less the same subject (violence and sex) it turns a little – what should I say – stale? Don’t get me wrong, there are aspects I like about his work and the way he tells stories in a simultaneous, rather than a linear way, but the more you look at the paintings the more limited and limiting the ‘message’ becomes and at a certain point it is just too much and becomes pornography. I don’t know whether he started out proclaiming and and accusing this violence, or wants to remind people that it exists, but I feel somewhere along the way it turned into a glorification of selfsame violence…

Anyway, what else? I went to a fair and went on a ride called Breakdance, which nearly made me puke and feel queasy for the rest of the evening. But all in all it was great fun! I haven’t been at a fair for ages (Coney Island doesn’t really count as a fair in my book, because it’s stationary) and I was surprised at how nice it was. Plus, it was pretty empty, no lines, which was cool. Thanks to the rainy weather.

(picture taken from Wikipedia)

This is another ride I did not get into, because I would’ve puked and died. It is called ‘XXL Schaukel” (which means basically XXL Swing) and two of the group I went with to the fair actually got on this thing and, reportedly, loved it.

Sorry for not posting my ‘own’ images, but I forgot to bring my camera. 😦

The new apartment I moved to is great, I think I’ve never had one that I liked that much before. Of course, there are some minor disturbances. For instance, somewhere in one of the adjacent buildings, someone, well, farts. All. The. Time. Okay, maybe not all the time, but at least five times a day. And I hear it. It’s insanely loud! According to another theory, he or she might be blowing his or her nose, but that would be just as freakish. And somewhere else (I don’t think it’s the same person) a crazy person screams in some weird, crazy-talk gibble-gobble language. This usually happens once a week, during the day. Two days ago the screaming started around 12:30am, which was creepy, but usually the crazy person sticks to normal working hours. Hmm…those are the only drawbacks. Oh, and another thing; there is a bar a block from here that have problems with people throwing poop out of the windows above the seating area. Poop. Out of the window. Think about it, some person actually – manually – takes its poop and throws it out of the window. How far out do you have to be to do this? It’s not even funny. Anyway…


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