Trip to New York pt.2

As I said, going to New York is always nice, although I always miscalculate the distances, which transforms each visit to NYC into a deathmarch. But it was nice and I had a late lunch at one of my favourite places in Brooklyn, KHAO SARN at 311 Bedford Avenue. Incredibly good Thai food for incredibly good prices.

The only draw back for the day was torrential rain, including thunder and lightening and raindrops the size of a grape. But at least it wasn’t freezing cold, which is always a plus. Here are some snaps:

street new york

street new york

street new york

There is another thing that never ceases to terrify me; morbidly obese kids. How can people let this happen to their child? I saw a woman with a two or three year old daughter and the kid locked like a bloody Michelin (wo)Man. Mom was also packing a few extra pounds, but a kid that age shouldn’t be that overweight. I think this should already count as negligence and/or abuse.

On a different but related note, I saw another girl in the subway who looked as if she was twelve but typed furiously on her Blackberry and apparently came back from shopping at Victoria’s Secret. What the hell is a twelve-year-old girl doing buying underwear from Victoria’s Secret? On the other hand, she could be one of those American Apparel Lolita/anorexic/underage-looking girls… I spare you the vitriol I have in store when it comes to American Apparel’s ad-campaigns, as you probably know what I’m talking about.


3 thoughts on “Trip to New York pt.2

  1. You have managed to capture the storm I missed while I was indoors at a meeting about planning New York City for the future. I had thai food for dinner afterward on another note at Landeast(?) uptown. The dish I had came with rice noodles, duck and soy sauce, plus chicken.

    The speaker mentioned obesity once in his report. Yes, it is a huge problem in New York City. How can we attack it? One way is to make sure future children have a park to run around in within 10 min walking distance . It will be great to have more parks in the city for everyone’s sake. Though who knows what the kids will be like in decades to come, but if we don’t take care of air quality, intensive outdoor activity will be a recipe for super-charged asmtha contraction.

  2. You know, if you leave NY for the surrounding areas, it gets even worse, obesity-wise. First thing to do is to not put the automobile first when designing a city. Where I live the nearest supermarket is 45min away. On foot. With a car you need only 7min. And the nearest mall is in the adjacent town, so it’s an extended project to get there, because public transportation is horrible. You need a car and that not only causes people to move less, but probably also to buy more.

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