On not being able to sleep. And Cooking.

For some weird reason insomnia strikes again. As I wrote before I’m unable to fall asleep before 2am. I don’t feel edgy or anything, which is good, but on the other hand it is somewhat annoying. There are several reasons for not being able to sleep, besides some latent anxieties about my future. For one thing, there is a bar right in front of my apartment and although my room does not face the street, but the backyard, I hear every damn word. There is a gap between my building and the adjacent ones and this gap seems to work like an amplifier. So I went back to using ear plugs and it worked fine. I still can’t sleep, but at least I don’t have to listen to them shouting at each other. But the other day two bums sat down right beneath my window and chatted. I could barely make out their voices through the ear plugs, but even not wanting it, I concentrated on their voices in order to make out what they were saying…arggh… no sleep, of course. Then I finally surrendered and took the plugs out, just to hear them say:

Oh man, we’ve been sitting here for an hour now. Let’s get going.”

Ok, just let me gather my stuff.”

And off they went.

Anyway, there are several other reasons why I’m happy to go back home, one of them being the availability of groceries. Believe it or not, but this town is a pedestrian’s nightmare. Now, as most of my work is done, I’d really like to do some cooking. But the nearest (and affordable) supermarket is 45 walking minutes away. Each way. Now, call me a slob, but this just doesn’t sound enticing to me. I don’t see this as a challenge, negative psychology doesn’t work for me. I just r-e-f-u-s-e to make this 90min hike, 45 of those minutes loaded with groceries in the blazing sun. This country really discovered the ultimate system of obesity; locate food dispersion spots so far away from residential neighborhoods that it is impossible to get to them without a car. Having a car, in turn, makes people move less AND buy more food, at he same time! You gotta hand it to the guy who thought that out, eh? But I’m really looking forward to feed myself! Hm, fresh bread, veggies, fruits… there’ll be so much good food around…hehe.

Judging from my continuous ranting you can probably gather that not much is happening here at the moment. I’m leaving in about a week, everything is wrapped up, everything is finished. And I’m usually not such a grumpy person. I’m just in a whiny mood right now, largely due to being feed up with this place. Yep.


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