So, approximately two weeks until the final wrap-up. As some of you might remember, I planned on doing some additional work while I’m still here, but this got delayed by some people vital to this work did not respond and general feeling of in-betweenness on my part. So I pass the time playing the banjo, well kind of, and ‘being’ in the most Zen-like manner. It’s very nice and springy and it’s a pleasure to walk around. But walking around brings several things with it that are creeping me out. Actually, it’s only one thing: kids on bikes. That’s a standing phrase around here and refers to teenagers (hate to say it, but it basically means black teenagers) on trick bikes that mug people. Of course there are different types of mugging techniques: straight forward robbery, hitting on the head with a brick and then rob stuff, and, the latest item, beating up women in plain daylight and then rob stuff. Nothing ever happened to me, so far, but it makes walking around and feeling safe at the same time an impossibility. And, of course, this interferes with general well-being. Add to that the difficulty of buying groceries without a car and the lack of general hang-out places that are not swarmed by snotty college students and you have a perfect description of this dead-end place…

Okay, this strikes a pretty sour note, doesn’t it, but I’m rather frustrated with this town. Anyway…

I grabbed some of Peter Bagge’s HATE comic books the other day in a bargain bin, having bought some a few years ago, and was a little let down when I realized that I didn’t like them that much. I remember kind of liking them, so that was somewhat a bummer. But for $4 a piece there’s no need to be too upset about it, I guess.


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