Banjo and Boredom

What a week. I took at class in classical bibliography and editing at the rare books library and spend 8h a day in a classroom learning about bibliography. Actually, I’d expected something else, because although I work with old books, nineteenth century ones, I’m not that interested in the bibliographic part of it. It is insanely descriptive; thickness of paper, state of the type face, layout, etc. I’d hoped it would be more interpretative, in that we could find out how to actually make sense of these changes and differences… well, while interesting in itself, the class made me experience almost Zen-like levels of boredom.

The class was one reason I didn’t post anything personal in the last two (?) weeks, but the other reason might be that there’s really not that much happening. I’m in the process of wrapping things up here and even though I’ll be here for another five weeks, my brain is already moving towards Europe. The same thing happened before I came here last year and I hate this betwixt-and-between feeling of being neither here nor there. But, as long as I’m still here, I finally managed to get my hands on a banjo! They are incredibly hard to get in Germany and if you happen to stumble upon one it is usually one of those high-end instruments that come at $1,500 a piece. So I got one here and it just arrived yesterday and I can pick it up on Monday. Not that I can play, but I used to play bass guitar when I was a teenager, so it’s not like I’ve never touched an instrument. I’m really happy, because I wanted one for almost three years! 🙂


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