This weekend I had to hack away on a first draft that is due Monday morning and it has been a drag. I’m finally through, but it is driving me nuts how we don’t get taught how to write properly in Germany. There it is all about ‘objective’ information and it seems like the more dry and clunky the style, the more objective and authoritative it is. Who ever said that good writing and good content exclude each other? Anyway, I’ working my way through some books on style and hope I’m getting there sooner or later. But every time I have to work on something I tend to stare at the screen for hours, totally unproductive. Now, with the internet just one click away, it is soooo easy to waste way too much time. Most of the time I manage my time sufficiently, though, and everything turns out fine.

But working so much keeps me from doing stuff, so I can’t really comment on much more than on how the weather is around here: warm. Oh, and I want for a walk yesterday and cruised around the old industrial part of the town. I forgot my camera, but the light was crappy, anyway. I’m planning on going there again, though, because it is pretty amazing and I’m a sucker for old industrial landscapes. This place is sectioned of into good parts and bad parts, with not much wiggling space in between and, sadly, the good parts and the bad parts are color-coded – if you see mostly black people on the streets, you’re in a bad part. This totally freaked me out when I came here one year ago, because this is totally different from Germany. There are good parts and bad parts to every town, but seeing them so sharply divided by color and, correspondingly, income, was shocking. So when we were walking around yesterday, we suddenly found ourself somewhat lost on a short-cut and in a ‘bad part.’ It was creepy, because it just happened within one block.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note, I came across these 29 predicions made in the year 1900 (link) . They are pretty amazing, some of them actually came true but others, like #26 about strawberries the size of apples, are still, hopefully, far away.

On a similar note, Dark Roasted Blend (link) has some amazing gas mask pictures dating from the cold war era, which are creepy to behold. I haven’t yet figured out how to integrate flickr pictures into my current post, so just click the link. šŸ™‚


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