Weird guy can't drink his wine

Well, technically speaking, this is not my first blog. So just let me summarize shortly that I’m currently living in a very dismal place in Connecticut, USA, but will leave here to go back to Germany in a few weeks.

As far as nightlife is concerned this ‘economically instable’ town doesn’t have that much to offer and due to a ‘Last Call’ policy in most bars the nights are not long. Nevertheless, the nights start early around here and yesterday evening a friend of mine and I wanted to get a beer. So we walked down the street to a bar that is actually pretty nice, because there are free peanuts and you can throw the shells on the floor and the Guinness is okay (don’t get me started on the topic of American beers…) and the staff is friendly. Additionally, spring is finally here and sitting in front of the bar sounded like a good idea. Next to us was a table with four guys and a woman. The woman had a huge bruise on her face, spanning her cheek and a small part of her forehead. She chatted with the guys, who are regulars, and we didn’t pay too much attention to the group, except to share our knowledge about Ernest Borgnine. We had only chairs, no table, and there were two other chairs standing in our part of the porch. Another guy arrived and sat down. I had seen him before and at first thought he might be a teacher or something but he looked a tiny bit too shabby to be one. He pulled out a portable CD player. Beside his chair he had brought one glass of white wine and a glass of either water or some other transparent drink. My friend and I were chatting, the guy was listening to his music. Then he took a sip from his wine. He put the glass back down, but suddenly the wine dribbled out of his mouth, down his beard and his jacket. I didn’t want to look at him and laugh, so I tried to keep the conversation up and not look at him. That he did this EVERY TIME he took a sip didn’t make it easier.

Yep, this is the only exciting thing that happened. Besides that, I have horrible dreams where I run away from cops AND gangsters at the same time and wake up totally exhausted. Within 2 days spring arrived and I’m already sweating on my way to work.



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