Let’s hear it for old skool newsletters

While I can’t really put my finger on what the difference between them and subscribing to a regular blog is there definitely is one. The ones enjoy these days are:

If you have any others you like, let me know in the comments!

A tiny bit of housekeeping and self-promotion!

Because I’m getting old and can’t be bothered to keep up with all that social media stuff I’ve whittled everything down over the last couple of months, so here goes;

I’m getting really tired of Facebook and while I still keep it as something of an address book at this point I rarely use it anymore. (Aside from the Messenger app, which is actually pretty great.)

However, after getting rid of a lot of stuff, the best ways to stay it touch are this blog (which you can subscribe to here!), my Twitter, this blog’s Twitter (if newsletters and RSS feeds ain’t your thing), and that Instagram thingy.

That’s it with that! Follow, heart, fave, whatever, and say ‘hello’!

Uff, already April?!

Time flew by! Nothing much to report, either, which is probably why it went by so quickly. I’m still all aches and pains, but I’m back on the mats and loving it. It gets darker later and I’m actually outside of my office when the sun’s still out, which is absolutely awesome. However, there was a lot of drama at work and the last two, eh, make that four weeks went by in a blur of handling the drama, sleeping, and, if possible, going to the gym.

Oh, and The Wife gave me a kindle as a present and let me tell you — that thing is amazing! I love love love it. Gone are the days of shlepping around bricks of books (I’m looking at you here G.R.R. Martin or that guy who wrote Dune or Neal Stephenson) and the fact that I can get books from the library is just the bee’s knees! So I finally got around reading Bitter Seeds, something I’ve mentioned wanting to read years ago and it’s not bad. The second book in the series, however, gets pretty hackneyed half-way through and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

BJJ training is chugging along, my shoulder is feeling better, but I might have messed up my disc again the other night. It’s always something. But after sitting out about 10 days because of my shoulder and of having a major dental thing happening I’ve got a fair amount of time on the mat in, drilling and rolling, and it’s good to be back and I’m learning to work around my limitations. You won’t see a lot of inverted guard or berimbolos from this guy here. Even doing drills that involve anything close to a Granby roll make my neck act up. But that’s okay. I’ve been playing around with open guard a lot lately to keep the big guys away from me and have had some success working omoplatas or triangles off spider guard. I’ve been thinking about training goals and, over the last weeks, have tried to just concentrate on how to use open and closed guard, top control, side mount — basically control and defense and if there is an opening, try to go for a sub, but basically work on defense and control.

Just like a white belt like me is supposed to do. :-)