Sunday Papers 10-26-2014


I like roasted chicken as much as the next person, but while it’s hard to really fuck up it’s also easy to just have it come out ‘okay.’ So yesterday I made beer can chicken just to read, as it was in the oven, that the whole beer can chicken thing is somewhat bullshit, aside from the fact that having the chicken sit on its butt makes for a more even (and faster) roast. It tasted okay, but I think the next time I might just invest in one of vertical roast contraptions. Speaking of food, I’ve come across these DIY instant noodle recipes and, if I can get myself to do it I might just try making these.

Anyway…I don’t have a Sirius subscription so I have to take advantage of the rare opportunities out there and it turns out Howard Stern’s interview with Bill Murray is put up on Soundcloud!



In other, more personal news, we had to take the kitty to the vet, which is never fun for anyone, even though she’s relatively calm and collected, if not excited. That’s better though than having a cat that fights tooth and nail to not get into the carrier, not get touched by the vet, and so on. She got her shots, everything’s in order and the kitty is doing fine fine fine.

As usual, with a flip of the switch, fall is here and it’s windy and grey and rainy and chilly and I’m happy we have a car this time around.

Also, to toot my own horn, episode 2 of It’s Unclear is available and you can subscribe and download it on iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud, whatever you prefer. We talk about Halloween stuff, so this week would be perfect to listen to it, if you haven’t done so already!


Sunday Papers 10-19-2014


Oh no, did I miss a weekend? Turns out I did. One big news item for some of you might be that after years and years there is a new Godflesh album and Justin Broadrick has his reasons. He talks a lot about feelings and anger and such and to round it up with something about the sad stuff, here’s an interview with Ward Pendleton about why he stopped making Adventure Time. (Well, not really, but kinda.)

Also, speaking of music, I’m really digging Seefeel these days.

Having The Sads is not fun but one movie and person who really gave me some perspective and is also an inspiration for many is Jens Pulver and if you haven’t watched his documentary Driven you really really have to.

Let’s keep it dark, because Halloween is upon us, shall we! Apparently clowns have a huge image problem because, well, we made them creepy. And while I couldn’t care either way about clowns, what creeps me out is William Langewiese writing about airplane accidents, pilots, and technology.

For something comparably light, here’s David Fincher talking about movies and working with Brad Pitt.

That’s all folks! It’s been busy.


Sunday Papers 9-28-2014


We went to the Fair last weekend! It was the last weekend, so you can imagine that the vegetable tableau was not exactly fresh and crisp anymore. But, as always, it was fun to visit the goats, the sheep, look at the piglets and the gigantic pumpkins, and all that stuff. I’m not a fan of the rides and the food and frankly, I could do without all of that. And there’s definitely a point during the whole affair where my brain gets overloaded by the noise, heat, and masses of people and I just want to go home again. That happens after 2-3 hours, usually.

Ello is all over the place right now, but I’m not really buying that while no-ads, etc., thing. Sooner or later the shoe will drop (if it hasn’t already) and let’s face it — you need money to do stuff on the internet. Be that as it may, I snuck a peek, so if you want to lurk with me, I’m @hateworm there, as well.

I’ve never used VPN expect for work, but it’s probably also helpful if, I don’t know, you want to watch a video that some pesky people don’t want you to watch in your country of choice. The Tunnelbear is here to help.

Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder that even if you curate ‘your’ internet to be the place you want it to be, it doesn’t keep it from being a mighty creepy place, as in the case of people stealing your baby photos and posting them role-playing babies or mothers. This actually happened to a friend of ours. The world’s a weird place man.

However, it has always been, and thanks to medieval and museum Twitter accounts we can see just how weird it used to be. There’s a curated list of Museum Twitter Bots that’s fun, but my favorite historical/medieval/science Twitter accounts I highly recommend are: @theretronaut, @damienkempf, @nickculpeper, and @bibliodyssey.

Oh, and here’s a reminder that getting hit by lightning is only one of several ways to die by electrocution.

This last week has been oddly busy, but I’ve finally finished editing the next episode of It’s Unclear, so that should go up sometime next week. I forgot how tedious editing can be, especially if it’s mostly about taking out pauses, ahhs, ahems, and uhms. More than 15 minutes of that stuff adds up to A LOT of tiny snippets, let me tell you that.