Sunday Papers 9-14-2014

While I actually don’t remember opening that website, I found myself reading a long article about the largest body farm in the US. If you want to be pecked apart by vultures and other animals, they take donations!

As I’ve found out when I was research natural burial sites — the way I want to be disposed of — getting buried the way you want is actually quite a tricky business and considering that there’s only one place in the state of Washington where you can do that I can just imagine the hassle to leave this world by getting flayed and then eaten by vultures if it’s not part of your country’s culture. But even if it is, if the vultures are disappearing, things get more difficult.

This week we also finalized the whole car-thing and went on our first trip this weekend, like real adults! It was a small trip to Snoqualmie Falls, but considering how our usual road trips go (which is: badly with lots of missed exits and getting lost and closed venues), we thought it was best to start small. And I’ve wanted to go up there again for a long time. It’s not that far and it’s not even a hike (plus, on a nice day it’s also over-run with tourists) but ever since I’ve watched Twin Peaks back in Germany the falls have somehow been “The Northwest” for me, with all the weirdness and gloominess of David Lynch’s show.

So that was nice. I think we’ll do more of this.

Sunday Papers 9-7-2014…slipping slipping slipping


Here I am, thinking that doing this regularly on Sunday would be easier, but the last two weekends where busy busy busy! Last weekend we decided to go ahead and buy a car, which turned out to be more stressful than I expected (or maybe was just as stressful as it will always be) so the Saturday was completely out and on Sunday we, like responsible adults, started buying Christmas presents for family abroad, which ate up pretty much the rest of the weekend.

So there. No time to read on the internet and stuff the results down your hungry little maws!

Something else that made the last week and weekend different than others was that I developed (and it seems like dodged) a cauliflower ear. If anything is gnarly, it’s more on the inside and not the rim of the ear, so from an aesthetic perspective that’s good I guess. What I didn’t expect was how much it hurt. I’ve had bruised ears before and while not great it’s not really painful. But caulis….holy fuck. That hurts. Oaf that I am I didn’t connect the dots and still went to class, bringing headgear, and while the gear is not bad it’s not really staying but either. Granted, it wasn’t exactly high quality headgear, so I might be in the market for something more sturdy. I didn’t drain it, partly because I noticed it so late and partly because I couldn’t really see what was going on, but I think it must have — brace yourselves — popped at some point and drained itself. Sick nasty, I know, but it sounds a lot worse than it was. Overall, not a great experience.

Speaking of cars, even though I’ve learned how to parallel part and can probably pull it off, I hate and I’m not feeling comfortable doing it at all, but thanks to math and science, someone has calculated exactly how it should work.

I’ve been getting these ebook bundles for a while and as it is these things it’s a grab bag of good and bad stuff. However, I just read the first book of the Sandman Slim series, which was part of a Humble Book Bundle I think, and really like it. I’m not a huge fan of urban fantasy, but this one works great, it’s set in an interesting world, has a nicely flawed protagonist, and is just fun. But if reading is not your thing, A Better Queue is sorting your Netflix queue in a way that actually shows you stuff that you might want to see and that has good ratings and that you didn’t know before. Dig it!

No longer articles or other kinds of reading material this time, because I’ve been busy and sick.

But hey — WE HAVE A CAR!

Sunday Papers 8-31-2014 (on 9-1-2014)


This was just a terribly long week and I’m glad it’s over. Not much time for reading or anything. However, if you’re so busy that you’d rather be underground, you might want to think about it after reading about how difficult it actually is to keep a system of tunnels functioning, at least if you are in New York City. If you are in Russia, say, after the apocalypse, the tunnels might be your only hope, as I’ve learned playing Metro: Last Night, which is incredibly beautiful, difficult, and has a great story, based on the story Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

I know everything goes through phases and right now I seem to be in the ‘getting smashed by everyone’ phase in BJJ. Again. The difference is that I think I’m getting harder to submit and my defense is getting better, but I’m just getting smashed smashed smashed. And I’m on the bottom so much that, if I get on top, my top game sucks big time. I guess I know what I need to focus on in the future, but my attacks from open and spider guard are at least getting better. Now I need to focus on some sweeps from open guard, get on top, and get comfortable there, I guess.

After my wife destroying her wallet by mistake I took the opportunity to look for a new wallet for myself, because the Tyvek wallet I’ve had for the last couple of years is starting to look terrible and, well, I think it’s maybe time for an adult wallet. So after doing some research yesterday I ordered one from Inkleaf Leather, which looks great, is reasonably priced for a handmade leather wallet, and is made in the U-ESS-AY!

Sometimes I get nervous about natural disasters and start reading about urban survival (and spent way to much time with my nose in post-apocalyptic books and video games) and now I’m frivolously putting together a Bug-Out Bag. Make fun of me all you want, but when it’s time to ask for a spare space blanket, you know where to knock.

And in kinda sad news, you can now have an Invisible Girlfriend. If that makes you feel better. I’d think it’d just make you feel a lot more lonely than you already are.

Sunday Papers 7-24-2014

After linking to it before (I think) Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band are working on an album! This is great stuff and very well worth your $6!

There is something every German knows and believes Native Americans are all about — Karl May‘s Winnetou books. It’s funny, because on the one hand this is the way Germans learn about America (never mind the fact that it’s completely fictional) and it’s an author and a whole corpus of stories that is completely unknown in America. That, and that there is a very active Native American re-enactment culture in Germany. A lot of this is covered in this NYT Video about exactly that, including the usual naive/casual racism and cultural insensitivity that the Germans are often known for.

It’s still busy-timez for me and I can’t wait until next month, when things should quiet down again. I’m working on a second podcast with a friend and we’re desperately stuck in the struggle to find a name, which is driving me a little nuts. How can I not think of a good name?! We are two episodes down already and they’re sitting on my hard drive waiting to be christened. Pathetic.

And as we’re moving again into the darker months of the year, you might want to know how and why you’re getting hooked on coffee.